P.S. 159 is a vibrant school that is housed in a three story U-shaped brick structure built in 1931 and sits in the middle of Bayside, a neighborhood of modest, middle-class private homes.

Our vision at PS 159Q is one of a true partnership of administrators, teachers, parents, school staff and students all collaborating towards the same goal.  We want our students to be independent, life-long learners who have the essential academic and social emotional skills to succeed in today’s society and become responsible members of our global community.

 Our mission is to create a safe, nurturing and educationally stimulating environment for all of our students.  Through our commitment to rigorous instruction, and the values of a multi-ethnic, democratic society, our dedicated school staff works diligently to provide our students with an instructional program that has an emphasis on the whole child including their emotional intelligence.

Our educational program meets all of the Next Generation standards requirements of literacy, mathematics, social studies, science and the arts.  The integration of technology partnered with effective remediation, enrichment, and extra-curricular programs are all part of our goal in meeting the needs of all the students in our school. 

Teacher’s K-5 use the Teacher’s College Units of Study in both reading and writing. This curriculum fosters higher level thinking through regular chances to synthesize, analyze, and critique books as well as their writing. Teachers embed test sophistication within their literacy teaching by supplementing with resources from Engage New York.

The Fundations phonics program is used for our K-1 students. Students with disabilities are provided with additional support in decoding and fluency through the Wilson Reading. In addition, our English Language Learners are provided with additional support in literacy through the Imagine Learning program.  In addition, another initiative at P.S .159 includes our Peer-Tutoring program drawn from students in PS 159.

The enVision Math program focuses on deep conceptual math understanding aided by visual models, student-centered projects, and personalized learning.  We provide additional instruction around problem solving using the “Exemplars” Math program to differentiate instruction for our students.

Our Amplify Science Curriculum emphasizes a hands-on inquiry-based approach to learning where students construct their understanding of their natural world through problem solving and active exploration within their own classroom. This program provides the classroom teacher with hands-on activities and thematic units that will have students engaged all year long.

The Arts program at P.S. 159 offers instruction in the Visual, Performing, and Musical Arts. Our fourth and fifth grade students perform at our annual Winter & Spring Choral Concerts.  Students in Kindergarten and First Grade participate in interactive learning in music by singing, dancing and playing instruments; students in second and third grade learn how to play the recorder and perform for their parents in the Spring; fourth and fifth grade students learn how to play the guitar, drums and keyboard for which students collaborate in each lesson to create a musical piece.

Our Technology/Robotics program staffs a full-time teacher who provides instruction across various platforms. Students engage in STEM Robotics units in the upper grades, while learning the basics of coding in the lower grades.  The technology teacher also supports our computer literacy program by maintaining classroom laptops and iPads that assist students during writing workshop and science.  Students also engage with an online typing program to learn the fundamentals of keyboarding. Our building is ‘wireless’ and all classrooms have internet capability. All of our teachers are trained and use Interactive Promethean boards and document cameras in their classrooms.

At P.S. 159, we are strong believers in recognizing student achievement in academics as well as celebrating the success of our students socially and emotionally. This year, two students are chosen from each class on a bi-monthly basis who embody and act upon our core values of: Diversity and Inclusion, Empathy, Communication, Problem Solving, and Strong Peer Relationships. The Art Teacher also chooses an “Artist of the Month”, whose artwork, photo that is displayed in the school lobby. In addition, our music teacher highlights a “Musician of the Month” including a photo as well.  An annual Curriculum Fair entitled “The Celebration of Learning” showcases each student’s achievements across the various curriculum areas during the year.

We at PS 159 are committed to addressing the emotional, social and academic needs of every child.  Our student-led SEL Ambassador Team continues to promote our core ethical values that transcend cultural, religious and socio-economic differences.

We recognize the importance of working closely with our administrators, teachers, students and their families, as well as with outreach organizations, as we strive to have every child achieve their potential.